Tanzania Internet eXchange -- TIX

TIX is situated in a small room on the 13th (top) floor of Posta house in Dar es Salaam.

We have one 10 KVA Invertor with a 15 external bank supporting an additional four 5 KVA online UPS's, supplying the electrical and electronic equipment. We have two (2) window unit air conditioners.

All electronic equipment is housed in four full height cabinets. Then central IXP equipment is in one cabinet, and the routers of participating ISPs and peers in two additional cabinets.

Heart of the exchange is a Cisco Manageable ethernet switch C-2960-S with 48 10/100/1000Mbit ports. It was kindly donated by NSRC and a 24 port 10G Cisco Nexus switch doanted by PCH. We have 2 "route server" routers, a Cisco 2900 and a Cisco 2514. These are the ones every participant peers with. It is a scalable solution: each ISP will exchange routing information with those route servers, and there is currently no need to set up BGP sessions with all the other participants. The route reflectors receive route advertisements from each ISP and forward the same advertisements to all other ISPs peering.

As value-added service we have an instance of the K-Root DNS server, Google Global Cache and AKAMAI CDN at TIX.

Participating ISPs placed their own routers at the IXP location - a requirement. They are provided rack space and power by the IXP.

for more info, please contact us:

Office: Rm 300, 3rd Flr, Posta Hse
PO Box 80449
Dar es Salaam

WWW: http://tix.or.tz/
Email: info@tix.or.tz