Tanzania Internet eXchange -- TIX -- Aims

TIX is a project of TISPA, the Tanzania Internet Service Providers Association.

We aim to provide a local facility to the exchange of internet traffic. This is usually best done by an independent body like an Industry association.

We did and do encourage ISPs in Tanzania to connect their networks with each other and transfer traffic more directly. This will offer new and better routing possibilities, make the surfing of local websites enjoyable and give new opportunities for local content and local business. Last but not least it will also save hard cash for international satellite links.

TIX is situated on 13th floor of Posta House in Dar es Salaam. More details on the facilities page.

for more info, please contact us:

PO Box 80449
Dar es Salaam

WWW: http://tix.or.tz/
Email: info@tix.or.tz